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executive director of bright line defense project. we're a nonprofit community advocacy organization worked on policies to promote sustainable communities and one of the things that we do is target job opportunities through programs like the city's hiring program which park and rec is a successful partner in and promote wages and conditions that support and sustain working families and community work force. i have a letter that has the concern i want to kind of raise to the commission. i do want to thank the general manager handed me some information i think is going to be important for us to disseminate and we heard there are more and more concerns about the apprenticeship program with laborer which is successful. we have heard a lot of things and maybe not come to the commission's attention yet and the general manager gave me information and thank you for that and i look forward to learning more about the issue, but we have an issue we hope is not a trend and treasure island develop authority and taking everything that you do with the apprenticeship program and wages and targeting the w
features are not defensible and supply would be controlled the only path to profitability for companies like taxi magic is price competition; overtimes eroded by the player who can afford to-- the sfmta can improve the taxi market by placing more caps on the street, working with existing technology providers. >> thank you. >> (calling names) >> good afternoon. >> also it's not going to be relevant to the subject, i thought we would be discussing the issue of having electronic weigh bills which is finished and done with, i want to express my opposition; we don't need anybody to bake through our information; it is not fair to have our financial data access by third parties or more. and we really think that by doing that process, it's nothing but adding another stress to what you have already seen here, with poor men working for their families; it's going to be another burden for them. i am sorry but // thank you very much. >> mark gruber, -- >> thank you. mark gruber. united taxicab workers. we desperately need electronic taxicab access. it should be done in the form of a single app p
given flexibility to the department of defense only, we expect the senate to be more proud in its discretion. the senate has also released the federal fiscal year, 14, budget proposal and we are likely to see these levels of funding with the sequestration cuts continuing through the next year, so we have to pay close attention to the impacts on transportation, again the highway trust funds accounts are protected from these cuts, but there is general fund support of highway trust funds activities including the new starts program, we are monitoring to see any potential impacts to central subway, for example. and whether the federal government, will be looking to get the older, new starts projects off the books and putting funding on those projects first, or whether they will be doing across the board, cuts to all of the new starts programs. so we are looking forward to hearing what has come out of washington, from the legislative conference this week. and also, continuing to monitor the activities with mta and other partners. at this point, i will welcome mark watts to speak to the
commissioners. joshua [inaudible] with bright line defense. we're a nonprofit community organization that works to promote sustainability in low incomes of color. i want to speak about a particular issue -- i -- >> is this about the ? >> no. >> well, we're going to have public comments afterwards. i was having them finish up. >> i'm sorry. >> there will be public comment. >> sure. i will take one letter if you want to distribute it. >> anyone else that wants to speak on the ? i suggest that we take public comment closed and we will take new public comment at the end of the meeting. >> okay. item four is closed and we will take general public comment again on item 10. we are now on item five which is the consent calendar. anyone that would like to speak under public comment for the consent calendar? seeing none this item is closed. commissioners. >> entertain a motion. >> so moved. >> seconded. >> moved and seconded. all those in favor? >> aye. >> so moved. >> we are now on item six, the san francisco zoo. >> good morning tanya peterson director of the san francisco zoo. as you read
and the defense would incur substantially larger increase he in rev par over the course of the event. >> [speaker not understood] five days of the event last year drew 150,000 people total. >> okay. >> that does president seem like the same as what you just said. >> no, the numbers that i was quoting are expectations for the america's cup. the number that you i believe just mentioned was for the world series. again, 2 million may be a highest matt and i don't -- given the work that i've done, i don't believe that to be the case. i don't believe that the world series -- there are probably others in the room better able to speak to this than i am. i don't believe the world series and louie vuitton cup and [speaker not understood]. the world series may at some point become a major event but it's a relatively new innovation. as such it's probably not attracting the kinds of crowds from across the states, the nation or the world that the america's cup is likely to. >> thank you. according to mr. eagan, we're getting e-mail from him or through him, that there wasn't any real impact to the hotel tax las
of defense and that is our psych emergency service. and that provides a triage to determine whether or not an individual needs to be put into a psych bed or to be able to be cleared through other services and provide outpatient services. so, when there is a need, our beds are not filled at present and that was one of the concerns that putting psych beds in another hospital where they would not be full and then you would have, again, staffing beds that you do not have revenue for. so, people who are in need of psych beds do get those beds, but the level of acutity and what the federal government will pay for is limited. so, the most important process that we go through in the health department is to ensure that people are ready to leave, that they are able to get into lower levels of care of service. we also provide placement services outside of the hospital itself, and we also have a 24-hour psych emergency -- psych urgent care center that's run by one of our community members door street on progress foundation. so, it is a concern, but it's also a issue of financial viability being
ads on our muni buses. there is a group calling itself the american freedom defense initiative that has submitted ads on buses across the country including san francisco specifically targeting members of our muslim and arab san franciscan communities. i am introducing a resolution to stand with our muslim and arab communities and condemning these hateful bus advertisements and i also want to thank supervisors avalos, breed, campos, cohen, ken, mar and yee for their co-sponsorship of this. this resolution documents how the funders of the ads are well known antimuslim extremists, documents the history of hate crimes against communities, these particular communities around the time of these advertisements and supports the request of our local muslim and arab communities that proceeds from these muni ads be used to fund a discrimination impact study on the impact of post-9/11 discrimination. while some courts have found these adstion have first amendment privileges, that doesn't mean we can't condemn they have with the strongest possible statements. particularly given that many fam
. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >>> good morning, supervisors. eddie [speaker not understood] defense project. nonprofit specialize workforce development and community reinvest. a lot of commitments were made with this project, but yet we're still hearing a lot of open-ended answers. what is being done on the construction side? where are the prevailing wages themselves? instead we're finding out there is a lack of data about local employment opportunities available. we are also finding out that there is not enough notification going on of local employment opportunities. the authority indicates why local hiring is key. local families, mothers and daughters in [speaker not understood], when they are offered there is follow through. that is why your questions today are incredibly important. largely good faith efforts are not simply good enough. [speaker not understood]. that is why again enforcement of local hire policies are actually key that is [speaker not understood] that are brought to cities like this to make sure there is community reinvest. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker.
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)